Statewide Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage

Burned out and traumatized from the pandemic, healthcare workers are leaving their profession in alarming numbers. Even before the pandemic, California faced a shortage of 500,000 healthcare workers needed to care for our aging population. Now, we are facing a full-blown crisis. This legislation would establish healthcare worker minimum wage levels across the state.

Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage

The new law will cover hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers in public and private acute hospitals, acute psychiatric hospitals, hospital-owned or affiliated entities, and dialysis clinics. It will help address the patient care crisis by:

Retaining current healthcare workers

Many healthcare workers have left their jobs, and more are considering leaving soon. Raising the minimum wage will help to retain workers in the industry.

Attracting new healthcare workers

Making sure healthcare jobs pay enough will help attract the workers we need.

Help fix the patient care crisis

Join with healthcare workers, patients, and community members to tackle the looming crisis. Together we can pass a minimum wage for California healthcare workers and ensure better patient care for our communities.